Music Video | Story behind

The story starts with an establishing shot of the first location used in the music video: the coliseum. It will be shown just before the music starts. The model is placed in the center of the coliseum in a plastic bag that signifies the placenta from the womb, the attention will not be placed on her at this point. Following this we have a long shot, from a bird eye view on the model in the womb, the movement of the camera will be circular, going on one side and returning to the first filming point.

The following mid shot will situate the model as the focal point. She will still be “asleep” in the womb (plastic bag). The movement of the camera will be circular, presenting the model from all the sides. When the circular movement is done and the camera angle gets back in its original point the angle will change into a bird’s eye view, with the camera movement going above the model from back to front . In order to give a more dynamic and psychedelic mood the whole action will be repeated 4 times in a faster pace.
At 0:28 the model will move for the first time, it will be (a close up on) her hand touching the plastic bag. A mid shot of her starting to feel and touch the interior of the ,,womb” will be filmed from all 4 sides, but same angle. When the song gets for the first time at the word “Prosti” (which means “stupid”) the closed eyes of the model will be shown trough a close up.
For the next shot, the location changes. To represent the interior fight of the model’s thoughts, the green screen will be used in order to change the background in something very simple and without the restrictions of space. The mid shots used for this show the model having a telepathic conversation with her. This “telepathic conversation” will be created in After Effects. When the model touches her reflection she realizes whom she is and what she has to do.
The location changes a back to the coliseum. The first frame is a close up on her eyes that are opening rapidly. This scene represents the transition from the models interior fight from her mind into the real life actions. Mid shots will be used to capture the model’s fighting with the “the womb”. Next shot will be an extreme close up with the model trying to breath through the plastic bag this will occur when the lyrics of the song go “eh eh – ah ah”. At the moment when the lyrics go “inca” the model will break the plastic bag. It will start with a close up on her ripping the bag followed by a mid shot of how she is tearing the bag apart. When the lyrics get to the “recunosti”, the model will be shown facing the audience over the shoulder with a fierce look (mid shot).
The location is changing again to the green screen room. The following shots are a bit more psychedelic with the model looking in all the sides (having 2 heads that face different sides\mid shot). Next up is a long shot of the model standing and having a fight with herself (the model will do crazy dance movements which are inspired by Maggie Zeigler’s performances). Now the shot shows the model on her knees continuing the crazy movements. The next frame shows the model crawling out of the green screen room to the 3rd location, which is under a bridge (underground location full of graffiti). The model will have a GoPro on her chest showing how she is crawling and how the floor changes as the location changes.

The 3rd location will be presented with a long shot of the model, pushing herself from the walls and doing aggressive spins. At 2:15 there will be another long shot of the model starting to do a dance inspired by the traditional Romanian dance “calusarii”. A mid shot of the models legs while she is dancing will be followed by a close up on her feet doing the dance. This will last until her coat falls off (mid shot on lower part of the body).

When the song will go like ,,Ahhhhh” at approximate 2:58.